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Got this while playing a multiplayer match. {F17858}


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Cant read, image too small.

Usually, no entry pops up if some config ref in the PBO's is messed up, as is expected from some weapons, attachments, clothing at the current stage of the game.

So nothing to worry about too much, but still post the exact error message if you can get it, so we know what caused the message.


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Also messed up here :/
Here the normal version, sry...

Config cpp, either something on the map you played (cpp is unpacked and unbinarized .BIN), or it is wrong in the game files (then it usually shows "No entry config.BIN:")

Something wrong with the markers.

If it was a multiplayer map, somebody used a broken Map marker reference to maybe mark an objective or player vehicle marker.

Havent seen the error in my playtime, so cant reproduce.

Dev's will be able to tell what happened.

Would be important to know which map it was if you remember.

Thx for info.

Sorry, can´t tell you since there isn´t a way i know off to tell you the latest maps i played.
If there is, please tell me and i will update the post.

This is a problem with a mission wen its have been made!

Script error probabli.

^ as above and as I said in the 3rd post - it is most likely that they used custom markers or a "player marker +update script" which couldnt find the marker for "Vehicle" (like, a player was in a vehicle or something and it fired that error).

If not many more people get this, it was definetly a map error.

Getting this error msg every MP match