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Measuring of distance in-game
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Played Arma 3 Alpha and i want to report that the measuring of distance is weird, 400 meters from hill to hill on my Video is that really true? that seems to be atleast 2km or i am wrong?

It's a great game anyway Alpha or not, But please fix it :) shooting people from a 2km distance with an scar-l seems retarded, but the game says its 400m but it clearly longer for the eye to measur.

Watch this to understand:


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Nothing more to say, in my video i am shooting hill to hill that scope says is 400m away that is clearly more than 2km.

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Ever tried to measure it with a vehicle? The RWS-systems are measuring the distance.

Interesting enough, I never figured out what units are used when using scripting commands. (ROUGH EXAMPLE GIVEN, and I cut it off after the first section):
this setpos [(getpos this select 0)+50 .... and so on
the +50 is adding to the "current position select 0" of "this" and it fact seems to be feet rather than meters???

And in the weapons initspeed=950, is that m/s (has to be?)?

Anyways, the engine seems to be a mess, visual (GUI) elements count in METERS and KILOMETERS, but the engine internally uses m/s for weapon settings, feet for actual distances and radii, and Meters again for weapon ranges, and so on and on... a mess, and one hell if you try to make a map and script with exactly X meters of distance - for 50m you most likely have to play around with 60-70 or more, and even then, you cant be sure.

I don't know about feet using setpos(would have to test this) but everything else you listet is in metric measurements, so no inconsistency there. Muzzle velocity is ALWAYS counted in m/s (or ft/s if you're using imperial measurements), that's not an inconsistency. Physics like this are measured in m/s irl, not kph or mph.

The hill to hill distance in the video doesn't look like kilometers. About 400-500m seems correct to me.


Yeah, thanks for confirming.
But at least the Setpos commands seem to be off - it seems more like feet, where you'd expect and need Meters more if you want to be acurate. Could be wrong though.

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I'm disputing this ticket, world scale is correct.
@0007562 setPos in editor works in meters. An example is seen here:
Height of a unit is roughly 1.7m
1m spheres are placed using setPos with 1 editor unit intervals, confirming the units as meters

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Yeah I know its weird. At least on the water if you do...

myBoat domove getmarkerpos "targetPos" the boat always move something like 25 meters from the location. I have hard time figuring out what it the issue here.

So it seems real that a small town is likearound 300meter long? example 100meters down the hill to town that is 300m long and 100 up to the next hill?

It must be wrong srsly..
I can understand if they and mixed up Feet and meters somewere, i am Swedish so i USE Meters and KM.
Best game ever anyhow, i just wanted to help feeding them programmers :'(

Timziito, it looks accurate to me. Are you measuring along the ground, or with an imaginary straight line? Also, it's highly unlikely they'd mix up meters with feet because Bohemia Interactive is based out of the Czech Republic and they use the metric system.


Ofcourse, i could be wrong, that is why i am posting it here as feedback.
just in case and to see if other agrees or not.

Just helping to improve the game with feedback, maybe 50% of the buyers are slackers and not feeding them programmers!!

The straight line to the hill looks like 400m, that's a pretty long way. Agia Marina is also pretty small. It looks like you are even using the '4' dash (400m) on your scope.

Looking at the world through a video screen is very disorienting, it's like having one eye. You have very limited depth perception compared to real life, not to mention if you have a low view distance, there can be fog at close range, giving the illusion that it is further than it is.

Ehm... MXM 7.62 is not MK16...

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The distance in the video looks to me to be around 500m, definitely nowhere near 2km.


+1 that is really logical thank you :)

this was one of the first things that i noticed but actually there might be some sense to it.

what i mean is it may seem like you are 2km away when it says 400m away but that is because there trying to fit a real sized field of view (more or less) into a small monitor half a meter in front of you. kind of like looking through binoculars the wrong way.

hope you get what i am saying and also please tell me if you think i am wrong :)

also do yourself a favor and place a marker anywhere on the map. read the distance (e.g. 500m) then set you player to walk mode and walk slowly until the marker reads 499m. you will see that you have move a distance very close to a meter.

Just try it you will see.

To me looks good.. 400 meters are not that close as some may think :P

I get what you are saying, tried it on an airfield seems okay :)
But feelt quite crazy for a assult rifle to hit a target 400-450M away that easily

400M are around 4 football field long "real football" AKA "foot to ball"

Actually, Assault Rifles are typically zeroed at 300m. Judging by where the rounds were hitting, it was right on your 400m mark on the scope. It's all pretty accurate. The only difference is in real life there would be wind affecting the trajectory.

Also, 400m is equal to 4 football fields. The fun kind where where people don't roll around screaming anytime someone brushes up against them XD


hahaha, Football should have a goldenglobe award for best fake injury actor

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The measuring distance in the game is accurate. The distance on video was in hundreds of meters (200-400), it was not near 2 Km. (Also, you would not be able to shoot people easily on 2 Km distance)
You might get an idea of distance by tweaking visible distances in video options.