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Swimming at land
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After I dropped all weapons at the ammo crate and taking down the binocular the character started to swim. I was not able to move in any way and needed to respawn.
Only tried to reproduce it "outside" an crate with no success. {F17847}


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Go to a crate, open the menu, drop your main and side weapon (maybe with all the ammo) and all grenades. In the background you should now see through the binocular. Put it away (don't drop it!) and then you should "swim".

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I already created a ticket for this 3/8, ticket 0002441 with video, not sure of why they closed mine.

Because this one was acknowledged by a developer. ;)

Btw. this issue seems to be resolved in the latest dev build; I am no longer able to reproduce it. Can anyone else confirm?

This has been fixed. Additionaly new surface diving (less flying nazi) animations are IP

Mass close.