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Ai does not use lasers, flashlights etc
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when at night during combat the AI do not turn on their laser or flashlight attachments.

also is no way of commanding them to either.


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self explanatory :)

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Haven't tested this yet, but would be cool watching a patrol looking around with flashlights and stuff as they patrol around a base/camp, etc. Be life like and easy to see the targets where they are. Guard dogs, etc.

AI's are using flashlight once they are in COMBAT mod.

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I can't get AI to use the flashlight even in combat-mode.
Also enableGunLights doesn't work for me.

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It makes no sense to turn your flashlight on in combat, it's makes more sense to have it turned on when in aware state

This can go either way......if you have no night vision how are you supposed to see then, just shoot into the dark?

i suppose this is 50/50..

i mean they do not even use lasers :(
and i think people should carry extra attachments i.e.

a command "go silent" then ai attach silencers... etc..[SPECIAL FORCES UNITS]

Place this into you init.sqf:
{_x enableIRLasers true} forEach (units group player);

Your AI must be in behavior "combat", in order for them to turn on the lasers.

The information in the wiki seems to be wrong, in order to use gunlights try this:

{_x enableGunLights "AUTO"} forEach (units group player);

Also take note that the AI will not use flashlights if they have NVGs on. So if you remove their NVGs and place the code below into the init.sqf they will use the flashlights if they are in behavior "combat".

{_x enableGunLights "AUTO"} forEach (units group player);

Using this in the init.sqf they will immediately turn on the lights regardless if they have nvgs or what their behavior is.
{_x enableGunLights "ForceOn"} forEach (units group player);

Hope this helps

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

The problem is that units in safe mode will only light their own feet because of the weapon being pointed downn.

Lasers and flashlights have no effect on AI. No reason for AI to use them until an effect is actually implemented.

agreed but regardless but it will feel more realistic for the player anyway :)

I also agree with galzohar, upvote this to force developers to make AI react to the lasers

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