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Ai combat drop off too high
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when a ai pilot does a combat mode insertion where it hovers and people get out, the chopper is too high and people jump out getting injured


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make player unit in cargo and chopper in danger and transport unload. (not anywhere near a helipad)

observe the height the chopper stops to let people out...
our units get injured.

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this needs to be lowered just a fraction :)

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Actually, the best way to fix this is to add a "helipad" unit in the game world that is basically tell the heli where to land. The heli will land there when the transport unload waypoint is nearby it.

at the moment there isnt a helipad, and not all the time the helicopter will have access to one it is just a useful fix

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Could you please verify if the issue is still valid?
Wasn't able to reproduce it. Thanks a lot!