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Side step key binding
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Currently toggling the side step is only possible via the stance key + A or D.
I think it would be good, to be able to bind this separatly.


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This would make following keybindings possible for me:

Q - Lean left
E - Lean right
2x Q - Side step left + lean left (toggle)
2x E - Side step right+ lean right(toggle)

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Or remap to pedal set would be nice and same for stance settings.

Domexy's ideas are great. Also it would be really nice if you could step back with the same key. IE. press A to step left out, then A again to step left in. This means you could constantly lean with Q held, and simply step out and in without fumbling for the D key.

lepsi bude kdyz leaning bude klasika na: Q/E a 2xQ/E toggle a sidestep by byl na stance key + Q/E

I agree with OP, I also thought that single Q/E to lean (you decide if hold or toggle) and double Q/E = step-out + lean (toggle obviously) would be a quicker and more intuitive way to do it.

Tapping the opposite lean key would leave the step-out + lean and get you back to normal standing (if you need to hide again fast).

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