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Claymores missing a tripwire function
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As the title says, claymore mines can only be detonated by touching off it (the same way as satchel charges).
They should also have a tripwire function since they are mainly used to secure a sniper's back, an entrance or just make a trap somewhere.

The tripwire should have a max range of extension from the mine position and should be tripped by bot friendly units aswell as enemy's.

About the friendly units tripping it, that maybe should be made available as a difficulty setting ?


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a claymore mine
  2. Walk in front of it (won't detonate)
  3. Notice how you can touchoff the bomb as a normal stachel charge

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wikipedia disagrees
Unlike a conventional land mine, the Claymore is command-detonated and directional, meaning it is fired by remote-control

The mine can be detonated by any mechanism that activates the blasting cap. There are field-expedient methods of detonating the mine by tripwire, or by a timer, but these are rarely used.

anyway, if you really want it you can probably mod it easily, there are tripwire and motion sensor mines in game already.

Just because they are rarely used it's not a good reason to keep a perfectly realistic and quite usefull way to detonate a claymore mine (notice the classification: MINE, not CHARGE) out of a military simulation game.

For sure it's not an high priority issue but it should be fixed as soon as the real problems are dealt with.

there is already a tripwire mine so if they would add a wire to the claymore it would make 2 the same :/

We already have 3 clacker-detonated charges.. should we also remove 2 of them because of this then ??

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I once played CoD (yeah I did) (MW1 I believe) and the claymores there had infrared activation/detonation if you walk through the infrared light. No idea how realistic that is, but it did work great.

I don't know how realistic that would be but i would expect something like that in 2035.
Would be a good idea to implement something "different" but only as far as the IR lasers from the claymore are not visible without NVG :P

I was about to report this

We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.