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When Boat's Propellor Hop Out of Water, Engine RPM's Should Spike
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I'm (obviously) not Navy, but if I'm not mistaken, the boat's engine RPM should spike or accelerate whenever the propellor comes out of the water while moving forward. This tends to happen when hitting waves or swells, atypically at high rates of speed.


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So if the boat's propellor is constantly hopping out of the water, the driver needs to throttle down and then throttle back up once the boat or propellor reenters the water, in order to prevent the RPM's from causing engine problems?

Again, I'm not a boater and this would be better reported by somebody whom is a boater -- or one whom races as the military vehicles are basically just that, a speed boat.

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Would be cool, i admit that :P


Just a small tweak but I guess it adds immersion


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