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Sound cracks when many fire a the same time.
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When i fire allot or many AI shoot at the same time the sound just cracking up and get distorted


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Set 10-20 blufor AI VS 10-20 Opfor and player in one gorup. Så shooting starts.

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I did notice the same.

However, when checking your Sound Options, you´ll see that Every Sound Option is on maximum by Default.

Try lowering Effects to 50% or less.

shall try that se if itt will be any difference. but there are no difference if i pick 16-128 samples still the sunds bugs. was no problem in arma 2.

Not having the problem here.
What soundcard / headset are you using ?
I'm on a Corsair Vengeance 1500 7.1 USB and works just fine

It should be actually just an overgaining Problem.

I doubt that you´ll go full volume.
Plus your sound gets balanced by surround technologies which normal stereo headset don´t do by default.

Onboard sound (Realtek) has a 'Subwoofer' feature which can be an issue for this aswell.

I have tried first with a usb headset Logitech g35. Now i use a another headset with a asus soundcard. not the onboard sound. Same problem. Shall try to reduce the volume ingame but that should not be the problem. Have talked to other people that has the same problem. I will test some more at home

I have a G35 too and same problem.

Didnt tryed fiddling with the ingame sound levels.

If you have a Logitech G35 open your mixer controls and set the value to 9 for each speaker to see if that sorts it.

If that works try setting the mixer to 10 all around and see if you get the problem then (some people say 10 fixes it, I found 9 worked best).

This issue should be fixed with the recent sound improvements.