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Running over players with vehicle repeatedly does not kill them or hurt them everytime
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Basically what the summary says, I've tried running over players in MP missions, and very rarely am I able to actually kill someone. Even when they just stand there and let me hit them. Then back up and do it again and again. If I'm driving a vehicle at full speed and hit a player, they should be ragdoll flying through the air, and at the very least have broken limbs or serious wounds. I have been able to kill someone this way, but it seems to be very hit or miss on whether or not it works.


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Game Physics
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Run over a player in a MP mission.

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I was JUST ran over with an ATV, and died instantly. I do however notice that depending on your SPEED, it may not kill them, just ragdoll them. If they ragdoll... get out... and shoot them.

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I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but shouldn't it be every time you get hit by a vehicle? The amount of damage taken should be different for each vehicle, ie, a bigger vehicle should be more likely to kill/seriously injure than say a atv. I have run people over with my tire running directly over their body and it didn't kill them. Or even hurt them.

no, this is fine, you have to make sure that you run them over with the tires rolling over them. I personally was chased down on an atv by a hunter truck and he ran me over twice but it did nothing. i was laying down and he went right over me. then i took the truck and ran over like 3 players and 6 AI gunman.

it knocked me out a couple times though, if u are going slowly, it will just knock u unconsious for like 10 sec

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Duplicate of #2169