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Helicopter/plane(maybe) controls has no option to invert mouse
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I can invert my mouse completely, but when I leave a vehicle I don't want to invert infantry controls. So I want an option to invert flight mouse controls so the y-axis is flipped, but only when in a flight vehicle.


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Just remap the controls to work the way you like. There is no need for an "invert controls" function.

You can invert it under mouse control in helicopter menu, then select invert Y axis. You will just always have to switch it back if you don't want to remap the keys.

i also looked for invert flight controls, but just had to remap them in the end.

ps you really think this is high priority?

Just remap the controls as other guys suggested

Remap pitch/nose up as mouse down and vice-versa.

Ok, Thanks guys didn't see that option. Very helpful. Will make me fly so much better in the future :P

Duplicate of #0000112.