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Jumping into water from height
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Jumping from any height into water will kill you, even a reasonable diving height.


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Swimming and Diving
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Jump off a high rock into the water (Can find some good rocks at the northern tip of stratis)
Die when you hit the water.

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I believe there should be an height set for the maximum jump you can do till you end, and the maximum you can do so you only get injured. Good point on this.

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Can confirm too. Noticed the injury too when jumping into water, but thought it was due to shallow water.

Edited 2013.03.11 14:21 AST: I jumped from a small rock on the shoreline near the airbase into shallow water, and was injured from my recollection.

i tested it jumping out of a hovering helicopter. you seem to die if you are above 5-10 meters or at least need healing.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

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