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NX automatic rifle silencer issue
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instead of the LMG suppresor it uses the assault rifle silencer, this could be cause its just the same with bipod and high cap mag. but it switches to the non existing semi auto fire mode ive you put on a silencer. it cant be that a weapon that we cant switch firemodes gets a new firemode with a muzzle device.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. go into editor.
  2. take the BLUFOR automatic rifleman.
  3. spawn the box with the 6.5 NATO silencer.
  4. inspect the weapons firemode without silencer. (full auto)
  5. inspect the weapons firemode with silencer. (semi auto)

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I'd personally like to see it allow full auto with the suppressor installed. A suppression weapon isn't very useful on semi auto.

I agree that this should be changed. There is no reason that you cannot fire an AR in full auto with a suppressor.

specialy ive youre like me, you just use it for acuracy until other muzzle devices apear^^

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It needs a semi auto with out the suppressor and full auto with it.