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Switch Shoulders
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Have an ability to switch your weapon from your right shoulder to the left shoulder.


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This would take a long time probably and i don't know anyone that shoots from the left hence your aim would be messed up (Put two hands up where you can see them then close your right eye and see the sight shift....

Why would you do that?

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Upvoted for the lefties

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For the lefties, or ambidextrous people, like me.

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You clearly don't know how animations work. You can't simply just "mirror" a animation. They would have to redo every single animation just to get it to work of lefties so no...

I apologize for not being clear enough, I'm not saying there should be left handed weapons or animations. I'm saying there should be an option to bring your weapon to your left shoulder while maintaining a right handed pose. In other words, your right hand stays on the grip while the gun is on your left shoulder.

The purpose of this suggestion is simple. It exposes less of your body in certain situations. Since your gun is on your right shoulder, you are able to shoot from a right sided corner without exposing too much of your body (without leaning). Now if you were to shoot from a left sided corner, you would have to expose more of your body since your gun is shouldered to the right.

You would also get a ejecting case to the face.

that's not how soldiers are trained to use rifles, dear

Upvoted for lefties like myself.

Actually johncage this is how soldiers are trained to use their weapons. If you're right handed and you're on the left corner of a building, are you going to expose almost all of your body just to get your weapon around the corner? No. You will switch hands so you are always in as much cover as possible from the enemy.

I agree, both for the lefthanded players and for realism where soldiers are required to shoot with their other hand in cases of an emergency or for tactical advantages.

I'm not sure how the current hitboxes are working and if it can detect if your left or right arm is hit, but it might be usefull to switch to your left hand in case your right hand is wounded.

The uncharted series for the PS3 had this feature and I used it ALL THE TIME. Would love the feature but stability>features in the current state of the game.

Would be useful if it gets implented, especially in certain situations.
BUT again as Sizzlor said above me, the stability of a game is more important than new features.

I think he is refering to the "weak hand" shooting for when a right handed guy is on the right side of a doorway !

Duplicate of #0002548.