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Big Broccoli Trees Cause Massive FPS Drop (image included)
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The big trees that look a bit like broccoli are causing a major FPS drop. Coming close to them already makes the FPS go down but when you look straight into the branches in the top of the trees it starts to show really well. {F17798} {F17799}


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Find the big "broccoli" trees and look up into the branches. Watch your FPS go down.

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I love those trees. Don't kill them :P Maybe fewer branches would be better? I dunno.

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strange, i thought they were optimized speedtrees.

no drops here

Intel i7 @3.4GHz
12GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3
HD7950 3GB

Gugla added a comment.May 17 2013, 3:59 PM

Hi, I need more info. I dont see Massive FPS Drop, Thanks

Very big drops in here

Also note the weird fps between prone and crouched even though I'm watching the same spot.
Crouched 20fps
in prone 10 fps

Here's video about it

My specs:

i7 2600K @ 4,4GHz
MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr III 1,2GB
2x4 GB RAM

Can devs review this or do you still need more information?

/Uploaded DxDiag file also.

I made a shorter video about the issue and added the video on the note I've made before. This issue is the same even though I've re-installed my windows to SSD and I didn't have SSD before :)

Gugla added a comment.Aug 8 2013, 4:19 PM

Thanks for a useful video, I will check it in a game.

Same here.
Fps drop near trees. And the changeing of the graph settings not effect on it.

Spec: i5 4570 7970 4gb ram

Just tested some more.
Putting everything on the lowest 60 fps on crouched or standing and 30 fps on prone. I can't understand how the stance can have so much impact?

same here. Especially with sniper rifle zoomed in on broccoli-trees:
-standing: 50fps
-prone: 25fps.

specs: R9 290 @ 1200mhz core/6400mhz ram, 3570k @ 4.9ghz and same behavior with GTX570 before.

Not sure if related to broccoli trees or some other type of trees but there is a road on Stratis through the forest with trees on each side and the FPS on it is absolutely horrible and the ride becomes very jittery

Some of the trees just eat the GPU badly when you watch them with zoomed SOS sight. There are some sweetspots where the load is big not just with broccoli trees.

Gugla added a comment.Apr 1 2014, 9:16 PM

Hi, I made new version of pine trees. I tried set it more optimize and more natural look.

thanks gugla, I find similar behavior when I scope onto grass, but only when I maxed out graphics from 4x to 8x atoc. But 35fps with 8x instead of 50fps with 4x with a heavy overclocked 290x? gpu utilization is on 100%.

Hmm I can't be sure how much improvement has happened because I've changed my GPU a while ago from my 560 Ti 1,2GB to GTX 680 2GB. At least I can say that the GPU usage is still 99% in the same spot as in my video and fps drops down to 40 so it's still pretty hard for the GPU. Changing AtoC has a nice difference like before.

I got pretty much same results with stable and development.

Also when I was standing and aiming steady my fps was way better than in prone and aiming steady at the same spot just like before in my video which is pretty weird thing.

So if I would snipe standing I wouldn't ever had much fps problem.

I'm sorry for now can not see much space for improvement of this issue. I did lower polycount for some crown of trees and improve shape for more realistic looks.

I will try comunicate with programer about this problem.

Thanks very much for your time about describe this issue.