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Grenades cannot be thrown through windows
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Very simple bug, you can't throw explosive/smoke grenade through windows. I've linked two screenshots in the additional information, both showing two windows that I encountered this problem with (there may be more).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Look at window.
  2. Throw grenade at window in a location you'd think it'd go it.
  3. Run away because you don't want to blow up.
Additional Information

Also, not sure if it's a bug, but throwing a grenade at the windows I've shown in the third screenshot doesn't break them like one would think they would. Also, the third screenshot is another window that grenades seemingly can't go through, like in the original bug I reported.

Window 1:
Window 2:
Window that can't be broken by grenades:

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Duplicate, use search function. There are well over 10 dupes of this by now.

Ah, alright. Sorry, first time reporting an issue and such :P Btw, this issue is now assigned, what exactly does that mean?

through some windows you can throw grenades through others not. The status of the window (broken or not) makes no difference.

YT vid Example:

Have you ever tried to throw an object through a real window before? Its not always so straight forward, I don't disagree with grenades bouncing off of an intact window.

It should be able to bounce off some of the time; tempered glass is very strong these days.

Nonetheless, I have voted up, as it should be able to go through glass if thrown hard enough.

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In the latest version the grenade can be thrown through windows, but, however, what the hell! the windows is not broken then!!!

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grenades can't be thrown through mh9/ah9 helicopters as well.

Window 1: FIXED
Window 2: There is armored glass which is not penetrable by grenades
Window that can't be broken by grenades: This feature request is somewhere mentioned

DEV version: 0.53.103798

Mass close.

Window bugs still

Far from resolved...4 years and still left unfixed.