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Had just started swimming underwater and the first sea weeds started to appear (don't know if that has any relevance) {F17795}


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Please provide dxdiag.txt file and provide some steps to reproduce

I tried the mission twice and crashed at the exact same spot.

I went into the water right next to the two units that are on the beach and swam outwards along the sea bottom. After about 15 seconds the problem happens in both cases.

I suspect I have a bad RAM block. Would the message in the RPT about tbb4malloc_bi.dll support that theory ?

Nope its just a name of memory allocator the game is using. Can't tell from the rpt file.

Could you please try running the game with -winxp parameter?
Also try running some memtest to test if your ram is ok.

Ok, did test the mission once more and this time it ran fine. I may have picked a slightly different route into the water though.

But I ran some memtest using and it finds something. Has to change the RAM blocks. So no reason to investigate further for now.

I'll retest on my new system in about a week or so and let you know if it is stable.

If this crash occurs again,please reopen this report and let us know. Thank you

Mass close.