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Module: Support Provider: Helicopter Transport: Solo player cannot disembark MH-9, mission restart required
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When using the above module the solo player cannot disembark at the selected drop off point after using the 0-8 menu to call the MH-9. When you scroll & click GET OUT the Player stands up on the side seat of the MH-9 in the idle animation and all control is lost over the player AI - you then have to restart the mission.

-Affects MH-9 only and solo player passenger only - KA-60 works correctly.
-When players squad/group is in the MH-9 Get Out command works as normal.
-Only affects MH-9 when used with module, solo player can disembark MH-9 when not used with module.
-It could be an animation problem as the player looks dead when on the MH-9 bench.
-Tested in single player only.


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce player object on map Support Requester
3.change Helicopter parameter to 1
4.sync to player Support Provider: Helicopter Transport
6.sync to Support Requester
7.(optional) place invisible H at extract / destination points
8.Comms menu - 0-8- call Helicopter Transport
9.get in helicopter and click on destination on map
10.when helicopter lands at destination scroll - GET OUT
error - player stands up in idle animation and UI control is lost.

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Missed out some steps above - you need a MH-9 too:
6b. place MH-9 with crew
6c. sync MH-9 to Module: Support Provider: Helicopter Transport

I have this issue also. User made mission.. Call in a MH9 using the support module and he picks me up just fine, besides being unable to easily zoom in/out of map at this moment to place a drop point. He lands and then my character stands up on the side seat as well. Restart..this makes my mission worthless at that point bc I use the helo to get in and out of an OA.

I could have sworn he successfully dropped me off a few times.. but now everytime I hit "get out" he just stand on side seat.


Can't reproduce in DEV 0.53.103754

I reported a while back. Wish I would have put the build # like you Roypp. Oh well, I know now. I'm sure it was the previous, so I'll update to dev soon and check.

I may report an issue with selecting your drop point on the map. Once you join the helo and it requests u to pick a location. The map will not zoom like usual w/scroll wheel. This results in not being able to zoom out and pick.

I don't know if that's worth there time right now. Don't want to report on little things and waste the devs time.

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Thank you for good repro.
Should be fixed in 104091.

Mass close.