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No ladder climb option while swimming
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testing in the editor at the stratis airfield, in the se pier. A diver can not climb up the ladder at the pier, the option just does not appear, forcing the diver to swim east along the pier wall to shoreline. However, once on shore and you come back on top of the pier to the same ladder the "climb down" ladder option works. {F17787}


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reloaded the mission i was testing and "climb up" option still not there despite "climb down" working.

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going to up load screenshot of menu options available in the water (trying to climb up) and on top of pier ( to climb down)...

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Basically happens with any unit on any ladder when trying to access it from the water while the swimming animation is triggered (you ca do it just fine if you are in shallow water and in "walk mode")

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Does not happen for all ladders while the swimming animation is active. I was able to climb out of the water by the ladder at the Agia marina pier today. I had to be on the surface, right next to the ladder and looking up at it before I got the option. It was quite awkward to get into the right position to climb out, but it was possible.

Version 0.53.103608 in my case (development branch).

Yeah i'm now able to climb most ladders too after a couple of updates ago.. not sure if also this particular ladder has been fixed

Mustang-242 is correct , I think it's by design. You can Climb Ladders while you're swimming on the surface of the water. How would you imagine climbing a ladder without taking your Fins off first, unless its a free floating ladder (not attached to a surface)??

It is by design. You can access ladder only when you are at water surface.