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Mines not detonated by AI
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This could be because I am relatively new to mission editing, however when I place any of the AP mines down, the AI that I set a waypoint for (OpFor) do not activate them when they walk over them, it's as if they're not even there. BUT, I as a civilian walks upto them, and it's lights out, they work perfectly...


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Steps To Reproduce

Set down civilian player > Set down some OpFor AI units and quads in mission editor > Place AP mine down near OpFor quads (approx 1m away) > Create a waypoint some distance away > The AI goes to the quads to get to their waypoint, and drive away normally..

I walk upto the mines as a civilian, they work, I die... I place Multiple mines down, same outcome so it's not the AI luckily missing them..

Additional Information

I havent tried it as a player controlled OpFor yet, only OpFor AI.

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did the opfor ay have an explosive specialist with them?
explosive specialists find mines and the ai tries not to set them off and change their route.

try "this disableai "fsm"; in the ai init and look if it works. (not sure about the "this" part, try using and not using it)

Yeah, that is exactly what the issue was... Thanks for that SYSTEM... Still wouldnt the mines be set off by the quads? OR does the explosives expert deactivate the mines? and if so, theres no animation for it...

But, its cool that an explosives expert detects/disables/finds mines etc :)

Not a Bug but a feature. Explosive specialist detect mines if equipped with mine detector.

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