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Crashing in multiplayer
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Everytime sooner or later the game crashes when playing multiplayer. Haven't had any problems with singleplayer. {F17748} {F17749}


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Game Crash

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Running with i5 2500k @ 4.2GHz, 2x 6970's in crossfire and 16Gb ram.

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i also sometimes crah in singleplayer, but way more often in multiplayer

however, click the "how to guide" button in the upper right corner and post your crash reports and the dxdiag file so the devs can actually get a clue why your game is crashing (my money goes on c00000005 memory leak)

Allright, all needed information should now be added.

We already know about this bug. Fix has been propagated into DEV build and will be delivered to you soon(maybe tomorrow 14.3.2013)

thanks for reporting and attaching really excellent background files

Mass close.