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Low GPU usage on AMD setup
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Starting off with specs,
HD 6870
AMD Phenom II x4 965

I'm currently receiving low GPU usage, which leads to low FPS. GPU usage would hover around 25-35% resulting in 9-22fps, in areas with dense objects, such as towns, bases and any other heavily occupied area. However, when in isolated areas, GPU usage would sometimes spike up to 80%, providing very stable and high FPS,~50.

I do have latest drivers for my GPU and CPU. I'm pretty sure my CPU isn't bottenecking my GPU, as it hovers around 30-40% in those areas as well. Along with that, it would also spike up when the GPU usage spikes too.

So in conclusion, would this in anyway be an issue with the game itself?


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Use the search function, this is a scripting issue with Wasteland. In SP you should see 99% gpu usage with a little tweaking of the settings (I gained 30fps by turning off standard AA and just running fxaa on ultra.

Phenom II x6 @4.2ghz
6970 2gb @ 975,1500
Windows 8

With that processor, I can tell you that you are CPU limited. No doubt about it.

Arma only heavily uses 1-3 cores, so if any core is above 85% usage, then you are CPU limited. Just because you look at the "general/collective" CPU usage and it isn't at 100%, doesn't mean it's not overloaded.

Also, the poster above me has posted that same note on over 30 threads. If you aren't playing Wasteland, please disregard him.

Trust me, the same thing with nvidia graphics cards, the game just needs to be optimized. its not just with wasteland, its with a few normal servers as well

To the above poster, he's having performance issues with his CPU, not his GPU.

If you're GPU is under 99% usage, that means that you are most likely CPU limited (the data isn't getting to the GPU fast enough, so not all of its resources are in use).

My CPU is overclocked at 4.0GHz, I'm pretty sure the CPU isn't bottlenecking the GPU.

As a reference for your CPU, I had an FX 6100 OC to 4.5 GHz and I was getting CPU bottlenecked... On Arma 2. I had an average FPS of around 22. I also had (and still do have) and AMD 6870 (currently using an i7-3770k OC to 4.5 GHz, no issues attaining 40-50 FPS, GPU bottlenecked by the 6870).

For this game, I would expect you to get anywhere from 22-35 FPS in a game with a high-ish player/AI count.

If you get any lower, then that may be attributed to poor optimization for your specific hardware. Though expect optimizations across the board with the upcoming Beta/Full Release.

Again, check your highest individual core usage and report that, as it may be more informative to what's causing the low performance.

HMM, I was able to find a configuration to help increase my fps to around 35. And after taking your suggestion, I did realize that one of the CPUs would leap to around 70% usage, while one of the others one dropped, at 30% GPU usage.

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