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can't use optics after swimming + climbing ladder
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Command "optics" ("0" on numpad or 2nd mouse bouton) doesn't work after swimming and climbing a ladder just after.


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Jump in the water from the pier of Agia Marina, swim toward to the ladder of the pier and climb it. Once on the pier, it's impossible to use "optics" command. It works again after weapon swaping weapons.

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Tested, didn't happen.
When this happens, try pressing "F" one or two times (F or whatever is your firemode change key) and you should be good to go

re-tested and, I insist, it happens every time (tested in editor, with multiple soldier types + tested on another computer with different configuration). How do you test the bug ? In editor ? Command "F" is another solution, like weapons swapping, but not the resolution, this don't repair "my" bug.

It happens.

Pre condition seems to be that you have been swimming.
If you run towards ladder, use the ladder without going down into the water, and climb up again (with the ackward animation), it has no effect on the scopes.
The point of how to get into water, from the beach or jumping from the pier seems to have no effect.

Its centered around the ladder climbing upward animation.

If you swim across the pier to the beach part, with the roll up animation grabbing your weapon, your optics mode work again.

Loadout tested with:
Automatic machinegunner

Steps to reproduce more or less the same.
In my case tested with the stratis airfield piers.

Instead of the optics you will get the normal zoom effect.

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