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Movements are too fast
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Unlike Arma 2, I noticed that all the men moving at a unreal speed.
Also on slopes you move too fast.
This means that the game has become too ARCADE, and snipers lose all their effectiveness.


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I wouldn't say it's too 'arcade' but the movement indeed feels too fast. The difference between tactical pace, jog and sprinting is barely noticeable, while walking is super slow.

The Realtionsship between Total Inventory Weight and Movement speed feels very arcade to me.

As Blacklord reported the normal movement speed is still to high

See also #3164.

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i also feel like that, soldiers have too much stamina and can run way to fast for way to long

i don t like how fast move the player

Zombo, consider visiting/downvoting #2642 - it's an issue closer to your concerns of excessive player stamina.

i think they'll fix this when we progress further to the release... (i hope so...)

I like the "arcade" term to desribe this. I feel like a lot of the "make the game more fluid" changes should more correctly be called "make the game more like an arade game".

ALPHA <<<<

Also in the top right screen it clearly states that most features are not yet completed

Good thing to report this.
Extremely bad thing adding the "too arcade".

Still, movements need some tweaking !

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5 km/h walking 24km/h sprinting - normal...

I think that for short distances the running is fine but uphill it is extremely unrealistic

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and it needs a better animation.
i liked the spriting animation in arma 2
perhaps something similar, where the soldier makes big steps and actually moves his arms?

Duplicate of #0003164.