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explosive damage and control improuvement
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Several things to ask and report

first satchel and explosive charge are not able to take down trees and other element that would make great ambush material.(road block etc.)

second the anti-vehicle mine are not enough sensitive , as you can pass on one at full speed and it will detonate to far behind the vehicle.

third , we should be able to stick the explosive charge(c4) on surfaces like car door or wall.

Fourth to have the possibility to trip wire the major ordnance family expected for the grenades.

fifth we should be able to control the fuse time of the grenades. and the timer on the satchel and other.


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third point would be very very nice.

fifth, this depends on the type of grenande, some activate by throwing, not by pulling the ring. ;)

Sorry, please create one feature ticket per item (first, second etc. up to fifth).