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Loadout editor integrated in the mission editor
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It would be useful for mission makers to have a loadout editor GUI in the mission editor. This would make it much easier to modify loadouts and create missions.


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Upvoted, I feel like the good'old "Addweapons"/"AddMagazines" is starting to become a little bit too heavy for A3 with all the Vest/Backpacks/Uniform/Attachements comming up.

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Totally upvoted. Addweapon worked for Arma2, but now? do define a weapon there would be 5 commands.
some Loadout GUI would be very helpful.
could just be some GUI that searches the proper Classnames and implements them in a script (for Copypasta to lots of differend units)

This would be the best! I am a bit worn down with using init commands to get the lodouts just right. Also the sheer number of items that can be in the inventory would warrant me keeping a list printed out beside me as a reference!

All of my upvotes!