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Multiplayer friend and foe
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whenever i'm online I always catch my self pausing before i shoot a guy because its really hard to determine friends and foes because partially i'm color blind and their is no interface that maybe shows names or colored names of your friends and enemy's and i know that's not realistic but to be honest im tired of dying myself because my teammates thought i was an enemy! and i've always hated looking down at the bottom left corner to see if I killed a guy and what his name was and vice versa because that distracts you from all the action for a second. I think everyone will agree that we could use a little help in determining our friends and foes.


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play a close quarters area where you only have that split second to know if they are the bad guys or even medium range where you cant tell what camo they are wearing

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Arma is about realism, in real life you see someone in the distance and have to confirm its an enemy or friendly before firing.

A good way to be able to tell a difference is by looking at the type of weapon and gear they are wearing and also by checking your map.

Aren't players within the same squad (in Coop, at least) already marked out on HUD by being outlined with hexagons?

What game mode do you play?

yes i agree but you need to draw the line if you want a super solid multiplayer that is 98% realistic that alot more people can enjoy or keep the 100% realism and make it alot harder and in alot of ways less fun except for us hardcore guys because i know that when i had started my first match ever i was on a huge map and all the vehicals had been taken so i took on foot and half way up a mountain my teamates start shooting me and kill me and i just wasted 5 minutes running up the mountain and i have a mic but alot of people dont so that communication just isnt their....just frustrating it is

they are marked with a hexagon up until they are kinda close like maybe 50 yards or so because thats how i was determining my alleys

Judging from your spelling, the problem definitely stems from you being "hardcore guy" and has nothing to do with your color blindness.

Sorry, I am down voting as well.

In real life there are real consequences. A game will always be just a game wathever you do to make it feel real. From what I have experienced playing this game, to many people are in doubt. They dont know if they should shoot or not and most of them decide to shoot anyway. This is not realistic. To improve the gameplay, it should be easier to identify the enemy and a penality for killing an allie should always be applied. I am not talking about huge changes, just enough to make this game more enjoyable.

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Well it's impossible to identify enemy from long range cause camos are almost the same.

Working as intended

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You don't even need to see a color of a cammo, learn silhouettes, helmets are different, gear is different and finally weapons different in shape and color. You guys clearly never played CWR mod for Arma2.

Usually one of the best way to see if its a enemy or a friendly is communication, communication communication and teamplay. If in doubt and not in any real danger hold your fire. Its a tough game and should continue being so... If there would be a function for people with diffrent handicaps they might be missused by other people to get an edge. Sorry man.

Working as designed.