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Failed to connect to ArmA3 private server when using password command line parameter
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The following tests are realised on a remote dedicated server of my own hosting ArmA3.

First try:

  1. ArmA3 server with no password (public access)
  2. Game launch with parameters: arma3.exe -connect=MyIPaddress -port=MyPort
  3. OK => connection successful

Second try:

  1. ArmA3 server with password (private access)
  2. Game launch with parameters: arma3.exe -connect=MyIPaddress -port=MyPort -password=MyPassword
  3. KO => connection rejected with message "Cannot join the mission. Wrong password was given".


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Was your password a single word/string of characters, without spaces?

Yes it is a simple "admin" password.

-password= commandline switch indeed appears broken :|

Can confirm the problem using stable branch and using a simple password with a mix of small and capital letters.

I've also had this problem on and off. Sometimes it works with shortcut alone, and sometimes it doesnt. It seemed random to me.

I basicly add the command line in startup options in steam. Then started with the same startup option from a shortcut, and it worked all the time.

During the course of testing this issue I also noticed I would get the wrong password message if I had the wrong port in -port=MyPort

Btw only tested on dedicated servers. Local and on the internet.

Parameters used: -connect=MyIPaddress -port=MyPort -password=MyPassword

This issue needs futher testing eliminate the random results.

Play withSIX give the same issue "wrong password", and they still use the ArmA2 methods. So if anything change ? Or "-password" is part bugged.

Has this been workarounded? Heard it was connected to command line param lenght and Steam?

Maybe it needs a different ticket or adjustments at least?

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? why is it at need more info ? this is not hard to replicate..

eg make a desktop shortcut that connects to a passworded server.. it will be refused even though the same setup works for ARMA2.

eg:- short cut "F:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -connect= -port=2302 -password=abc -nosplash

Yeah I'm sorry, I thought they workarounded something for PwS and it sounded for a moment like it was a PwS issue. But I can repro it too.

gonk added a comment.Apr 2 2013, 12:45 AM

No worries... good luck at keeping up with the tickets.. :)

the only workaround is to run the dev version, it is currently fixed there. So BIS are all over this one...

Fixed in current stable.