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Swimming seeing through gun and water
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When diving/swimming without a diver class you out your weapon on your back when swimming on the surface of water, and in first person if you free look at your gun it often disappears and the missing section becomes transparent to see the bottom on the sea. also when in any uniform/class swimming on the surface you can glitch and see the entire ocean with 100% clarity. {F17709} {F17710}


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Swing on surface of water in first person and free looking at your right back side. or look straight and you will see ocean clear with 100% visibility.

1)open editor
2)spawn a diver and a basic weapon box
3)get any weapon in there
4)go into water and you have to swim for this
5)swim on the surface while holding your weapon
6)look a little bit down into the water

  1. water surface is not being rendered and uncovers underwater landscape

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under some circumstances this glich/bug makes a normal rifle more useful than the 9DAR underwater gun.
Must be fixed before any underwater pvp action can start, although issues like 0004203 or 0000678 should have an even higher Priority.

wanted to report the same Issue so here is my Information

Steps to reproduce

  1. go into editor
  2. add a diver (player) and another soldier (e.g. Rifleman)
  3. additionally you can add a diver in the water to search for
  4. take the other soldiers Rifle
  5. go into the water (you need to have a diver for that) until the character is swimming.
  6. aim at the water surface (from below or top works either way)
  7. water surface is not being rendered and uncovers underwater landscape

my GPU is now a gtx 660 ti
but it also occurred with Radeon HD 5770 that I used earlier
Extra note: that xRay scan area hides insects but not fishes or birds

Game Version 0.5.102571

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

fixed in Dev 071.107070

Apparently this has been fixed.