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Free look position reset
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when you use free look, it doesnt remembers your old Y axis position of your weapon/camera.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. go into editor.
  2. place a armed men.
  3. look straight up.
  4. let alt pressed to enter freelook.
  5. move your mouse to any direction you want.

6.release the alt key.

now you will see the Y axis got adjusted on -10° or close to this.

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Noticed this too, makes it very annoying to use.

Edit: It seems fine when you're stationary. But use freelook while moving and it happens. Look down in free look and release while moving, and it'll move your aim to the point you were looking.

yeah, the Y axis stays where freelook is looking at and X axis goes back to the position from before the freelook

yes, the y-axis position should be resumed just like the x-axis.
Always found this problematic, especially when using freelook in optics mode (eg while prone in order to aim without rotating the entire body).

Duplicate? I maybe need better tags? :) I tweak those now.

/Oh somehow I didn't notice this was earlier.

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