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Cannot properly configure XBOX 360 Controller for Windows
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XBOX 360 Controller scheme cannot be customized and when using Custom Scheme of "Gerenal Joystick", unable to configure left and right triggers to function FIRE in a helicopter.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Plug in your 360 Controller to your PC
  2. Access ArmA 3 settings
  3. Choose Custom scheme "General Joystick"
  4. Assign Left Trigger to FIRE
  5. Board a helicopter with weaponry
  6. Attempt to fire.
Additional Information

Left and Right triggers work for other functions like "Zoom", but not for firing.

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i have been using a 360 controller for arma 2 and alpha. this has alwyas been the problem if u try to set it up yourself. I just got over it and use my RB for fire and like left trigger for zoom. my right joystick button is scope.. and my RTrigger is actually adjust honeslty works great!. just reconfigure and u will get it to work well.. i really think adjust stance on trig is awesome

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Sure, I can remap it, but that doesn't really fix the problem and actually being able to set up fire button on triggers would really be nice.

you need to actually spend time and map all your keys i have to for my joystick this isn't a bug this is your personal preference they cant make a control scheme to please all hence why u can custom map this is a non issue

Garry added a comment.Mar 10 2013, 7:57 AM

Did you even read the main post? When I set up my left/right triggers to FIRE, they do not work. It's exactly what it is, a bug.

Duplicate of #0000940.