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Bullet hole decals - too few
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The player (have not tested AI) may only have up to 13-15 bullet hole decals at any one time. So if you shot 10 rounds into a wall and 10 rounds into a car, 5 or so of the decals will have vanished from the wall...

Currently the decal is just a black mark so why not up that to 180 at least. That's the standard combat load for a us soldier.


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Some objects doesn't display bullet decals at all..

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Yes, this too ^

Though, if you shoot the ground, it will contain way more (I did it at the air field). Don't imagine it's something that'll be permanent, but best to start prepared. +1!

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Yeah, I tried it again and I only got 10 bullet decals before they started vanishing.... why should it matter what you're shooting at as to how many bullet holes it can contain?

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