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Vehicle repair
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Could a means for vehicle repair, rearm, and refuel be added to the game? It shouldnt be fast like a FPS game but at least something would be nice.

5-10min maybe?

Otherwise there's few reasons to RTB with a heavily damaged vehicle


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and I do not mean the repair specialist, I mean something like a landing pad or garage that can bring a vehicle to "like new" condition (weapons & fuel too).

in the full game you will have support vehicles for rearm/fuel/repair like in all previous arma games
it is a Alpha and we only have limited content
for the first few months they want to focus on infantry combat which is why we dont have tanks/support/aircraft and many other vehicles

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I dont want this feature for alpha. Is this feedback site not ment to improve the end result?

Unless they state that A3 will have all previous features, or the alpha has previous features, I'm not going to assume it is so. Crazier things have happened! =/