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Radio Etiquette
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I am a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps and I have spent over three years as a Machine Gunner in the infantry. I was playing the infantry showcase mission and one of the things that I noticed was wrong was when you start to receive artillery fire at the village you are given orders to "Retreat, I REPEAT, retreat". The Problem with that statement is that instead of saying "repeat" the guy on the radio should have said "I say again", because the only time you say repeat over the radio is if you had called in a fire mission of some sort (mortar, artillery, air strike, etc.) and you want them to reproduce or "repeat" that same fire mission. So for example, if you had a a mortar mission fire three rounds on grid 12345,67890 and you wanted them to fire that exact same mission again, you would say "repeat fire mission"

If there is any other questions you may have regarding military terminology please feel free to send me an e-mail anytime. I look forward to this game and I want to do what I can to help you reproduce an accurate experience for your customers. Thank you.


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Even though you won't be executed if you use wrong radio communications, it would be nice if it's as realistic as possible for a game / mil-sim like ArmA.

Texts and Voice Acting updated to 'I say again' (fun fact: it was originally a reference to some dialogue in OFP)

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.