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So far the whole scale on the editor has been worked out and finally works unlike on ArmA 2 how it was not scaled correctly but one thing I have noticed is that there are still the whole [?] markers for some objects meaning it is a bit fidgety to place down objects. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if it has not been added in yet just wanted to let you guys know. {F17677}


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-Go to the editor
-Spawn a H-Barrier [Big]

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It is just really helpful for mission makers or anyone because we can exactly see the position of things and it means we wont have to preview every time to check.

-Keep up the awesome work!

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Even if it is far too difficult to get the shape of the vehicle to complete scale you could at least using basic shapes and make those to scale?

Hbarrier vehicles. units everything is just messed up. Size's dont match up.

80% of objects don't match up..

Firm backer of this.

Basically BIS, if you're not going to do a 3D editor please make the 2D editor as good as it can be.

Having most objects appear as a [?] is quite poor.

I understand this is a low prio issue, but as you get more time post release definitely re-visit this ticket.

Maybe "most" is a bit unfair but a lot of the non essential objects, like the items under the 'market' category.

Low prio? HIGH i mean this game runs on the missions the community makes. Not being abble to make missions properly because everything is [?] yep well.... thats just dumb. Also placing HB and they are 1 M of center? thats just sad. 3d editor or better 2d editor. Your choise bis.

I reckon that if an object doesn't have a sprite then at very least the editor should draw a rectangle based on the object's bounding limits.

Exactly. I dont mind the [?] aslong they resize it to its actuall size and put a little Arrow where the front or main entrance is.

i agree... trying to make a base is a tedious task (testing literally 20 times for correct placement) WOULD MAKE IT EASIER FOR bis TO CREATE THEIR CAMPAIGN LOL

Excellent points made by all of you. Upvoted

Anyone seen the Size of a Marshall in the Editor? lol it's tiny. Makes it quite tricky to place. UpVoted.

DEVS an example... place a bunker on the side of the road using the editor.. click preview notice the bunker is pretty quarter on the road.

We've added 22 icons with various generic shapes. While still being reviewed by our QA, you should already see it in the Development Build since today's update. I hope it helps at least a bit :)

Alrighty I will get on that and give you a shout.

It could still use some work, for example the picture now linked above shows that when I place a H-barrier against a wall already on the map it still does not link up because the icon in the editor is not accurate.

need directional icons so we know which way a sign is facing etc...

countless of times ive place a object that needs to be facing certain direction and it went FuBaR.

there are some objects that have replaced with circular spheres i.e. campfire..

cant you simply use the icon from arma 2?
i believe that was an icon for a campfire.

there are many object icons from arma 1,2 that can be used in this game.

I've adjusted icons for some objects, mostly to get rid of the question mark icons from Zeus. Should be on dev branch today or tomorrow.