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"regular" land weapons work after swimming/diving too. Like the "underwater" rifle
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Hi, all regular weapons are working after swimming/diving!!! I've thought, only the "underwater" rifle should be able to work after swimming or diving?


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Make normal weapons not to work after swimming/diving in water.

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In real life it is possible to fire weapons after they have been exposed to water. Now sure some weapons will malfunction and jam after water exposure it is not always the case, and it is a safe assumption our soldiers will shake out their fire arms after a nice swim.

I agree with Zanderflex, when I was in Afghanistan we had to wade through deep canals and our weapons would get wet but they would normally work fine, the only issue we would come across is sometimes if your magazines got soaked some of the primers wouldn't go off. Only way to fix that would be to incorporate some kind of misfire or faulty ammo mechanic into the game.

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ages where you had loose gunpowder in your rifle are over, weapons wont jam after water exposure unless the rounds aren't sealed

i don't know much about weapons but weapons actually being useless after some water is a myth i think

A bit of water won't ruin modern weapons, I'd hope the weapons we use in a couple of decades time have improved even more so having players effectively unarmed after being in water is a bit over the top. Wouldn't mind a mechanic in game where a weapon has a risk of jamming and must be unjammed to use again would be cool but that's as far as I'd go with this.

The point of diver firearms is so we can shoot while in the sea / rivers.

SDAR Can fire underwater. This does not mean it is the only weapon that will go in the water and not break. Any gun will work after taking a dip.(unless you leave it there for 30 years or so) The reason that firing an non adapted weapon is discouraged is that if water gets into the barrel/gas system it may rupture thus destroying the weapon and possibly causing harm to the user.

Now keep in mind that ARMA 3 plays in 2035, so the issues the Colt M4 has should be fixed in the future guns they use if the HK416 already could do that 2008.

Pretty much any gun which has enough drain holes and doesn't use direct impingement gas system can do that, so even the US Army's improved FNHerstal M4 with a gas piston system, probably won't have that problem anymore and that should be issued by 2018.

Worst idea ever. A lot of guns can even shoot underwater, (not very well).

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