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Holographic sight "tunnel" clearly visible against bright colors.
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Just noticed that the holographic sight "tunnel", which creates the holographic effect when looking down the sights, is visible...especially against a clear blue sky. Kind of disorientating when you realize it is there. Can't unsee.

Also there is a seam in the tunnel mesh just near the crosshair on the center of the screen, about the size of a pixel or two, that flickers pure white when you are viewing certain angles and the background is dark. That was the first sign to me that there is a polygon there. {F17663}


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Take a gun with holo sights, view the bright blue sky and try to look for a "tunnel" that extends from the holographic sights to the center crosshair. It is extremely see-through, but visible if you figure out where it is.

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Well, this is how it works. Can't be done any other way at the moment - its either this, or no holosights at all. Hopefully you guys understand