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Steam Workshop support for Arma 3 on release?
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Thinking about it, Arma3's modding can be a bit confusing for some people. Perhaps setting up a Steam "Workshop" for Arma3 moders to upload their mods would be a nice feature to have in the games future.

The Ability to simply subscribe to mods and un-subscribe to disable or even uninstall them automatically brings titanic benefits to the community.

E.g a mod heavy server can upload a collection of all their used mods for others to simply hit "Subscribe to all" and bam, next time they launch arma3 it all downloads and they can hop on the server.

Community favorites would be view-able at a glance and finding the recent stuff would be a click away, Instead of endlessly sifting through Armaholic or Modsaholic, Just food for thought.


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This is in no way utterly important to development but it would be a convenient feature for those of us who like to use collections of mods or play on different servers with conflicting mod setup's.

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Great idea, basically similar to SIX except it is used on Steam.

AFAIK is this in planning anyway, and possibly also Steam lobby and matchmaking. At least this was mentioned a couple of times.

Definitely vote up, never liked SixLauncher, prefer Steam over it and Steam Workshop is really good anyways.

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@Fireball, you are mixing something up. What you are talking about is Steamworks not Steam Workshop.

Anyway, see
Modders don't like it all (and right so) so why waste time implementing it.

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It is not a Steam exclusive game for nothing.

I can understand that people that create their own mesh models in ArmA will not like it, but they can also download it from armaholic to steal your content and use it as their own creations. Not really seeing why steamworkshop will make that different. If people want to steal they will.

For missionmakers the steamworkshop will probably be nice to release their missions on. Missions on armaholic also get un-pbo'd so again it will make no difference. If people want to use your work (without credits and permission) they will do it anyway. The only way to avoid that is to stop creating and releasing content.

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voted up too, would be great for both mods/mission makers and players, so everyone benefits from the auto-update with no pain.

Agree on the credits/permissions, one may already steal/reuse them, steam workshop would not change that much.

This is confirmed on a video preparing for E3. You can upload missions into workshop. Not sure of mods or weapons yet but I am just sayng and bumping.

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downvoted, already confirmed

Steam workshop support with subscribe/unsubscribe, collections, and mod selection on game startup would be very helpful, especially if it worked similiar to how it does in Skyrim.

Workshop support for mission has been implemented. Support for mods has been requested elsewhere.