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Extremely low FPS
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i am getting extremely low FPS. it never goes above 20 when in multiplayer. it does not matter whither the graphics are on low or ultra i still get 20 FPS

EDIT: when using the editor i get around 60-100 FPS


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AMD Radeon HD 7970
Intel i7 2600k
15Gbs RAM

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This is most likely a server side issue or bad internet connection check yourself before making more work for developers that don't know how to fix everything.

why should my ping make a difference to my FPS

Well why does it not do anything on MP i'm not saying it could be you it could be a weak server

I get different FPS on different servers and different maps. sometimes I get above 50fps other times I only get around 20fps.

One thing that I have noticed helps it a little is changing the arma3.exe process priority to high.

but it is a game in an early stage and plenty of bad servers so there is not much you can do at this moment.

ok why is the server effecting my FPS?

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It has been said by some that since there is no dedicated server version of the game(running a server as you would host the game from your home PC) that it is not optimized and is causing server side lagging.

But it would also help I believe if when people report their issues the do a search and add their info and notes to already open tickets so the devs have fewer to respond to. Not trying to flame OP here just saying if 50 players have the same issue they do not each need to make a ticket they just need to add to ones already open. The less they have to comb through the quicker we will get results.

Just saying

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I am getting this issue when doing anything through multiplayer; not joining a server but, when i host and no one else is on frame rate drops. when i use the editor not through multiplayer i have anywhere from 70-150 fps

I believe this have already been reported and assigned.

For MP/online, FPS is mainly determined by the server hardware; use a better system to host the game

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Please attach your DxDiag file to following issue , it will help them figure out which kind of systems may have some low performances.