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Pressing "V" (vault) when facing a door allows you to go through it.
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As above, when pressing "V" when facing a door the game allows you to pass straight through it.


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Face a closed door.

Press "V" to vault through the door.

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Not only when facing a door. For example, enter the "Military Cargo HQ V1" (editor ID 20401) face the window with the hatch (menu close/open hatch), the "V"(="get out") command take you outdoor on top of rubbish. It seems that you can get through the wall of every 3D models with thin wall.

This seems to be a long-standing issue. It was present in ArmA 2, where "vaulting" allowed you to pass through solid objects. Would be nice to see fixed.

Yup! Seems to be an animation clipping issue. Please also see: ; ; Really needs to be fixed.

Edit: for clarity and addition of related examples.

Camp Rogain appears to be good testing ground for this bug. It contains both cargo containers and the "Military Cargo HQ V1" mentioned, all of which can be vaulted through. Looking down towards the ground and using the Q and E keys to lean left and right while "stepping over" stuff appears to help in pushing through objects.

Also, while facing the wall of the Military Cargo HQ, you can use the "step over" key to push your weapon barrell through the wall and fire off a few shots inside! :P

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I found this out after a friend told me V was vault, and I found I was able to walk through rocks and buildings.

I added a screenshot and some info in another simulare treat. That can be usefull to reproducing the above.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.