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Carrying weight should have an effect on your ability to stay surfaced when swimming.
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At the moment, when you're fully packed (or at any level of encumbrance), you can still swim and not sink to the bottom of the ocean like a brick. This is of course highly unrealistic.

Your level of encumbrance should affect how much energy you use in your effort to stay surfaced and when that energy is depleted and fatigue kicks in, you should sink to the bottom of the ocean and drown. Unless you sacrifice your backpack and (some of) your equipment.


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Swimming and Diving
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load up the editor.
  2. Set yourself up as a soldier with a backpack (for example, Blufor Explosive Specialist)
  3. Pack it up as much as you can, taking note of the encumbrance meter at the bottom of the gear screen.
  4. Take a swim and observe that there is no effort in staying surfaced, making the extra weight you decided to bring along completely consequenceless.
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If there is the possiblity that the weight of your gear will make you drown, when its not necessary anymore to display a weight/max-weight status. Imagine that all above the max-weight you can carry is the point at that you would drown, but as you cant carry more than that max-weight, you cant.

Well, I've never swum with full military gear nor have I ever worn full military gear, but I imagine it must be quite heavy, especially in the water. So I must disagree that the weight bar would become redundant, as I imagine you becoming 'too heavy' happens quite fast. The point of the ticket is that IRL, it would cost energy to stay surfaced and you would eventually become fatigued and drown, this isn't currently simulated in any ARMA game at all.

there should be a marker somewhere on the encumbrance level that tells you whether you can are going to float or sink

Also, inventory should be accessible in swimming mode, so you can quickly shed off gear. Soldiers do this in real-life with body armor when swimming.

When Soldiers have to SWIMM to a mission point, the should put there stuff in plastic bags.

In Reality the use there raincoats and make a big bundle with all the gear that floats. this "little raft" gets the weapon on top and the swimmer is pushing it.

Very easy. B U T - takes some time for preparations!

By the way: Archimedes say: "not the weight itself is important for floating." It's the overall density.

So it is very realistic that You can still swim with a gear - to heavy to lift it up on land. But of course it would need a lot of extra boyancy!

And this makes a swimmer slow and clumpsy. And vulnarable to CURRENTS - like in fast rivers or on a rocky shore...