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Pre-placed map objects get restored for JIP players if objects were destroyed with setDamage scripting command
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If you destroy any pre-placed map object with setDamage command, the object remains destroyed only for clients that are currently in the game, but if any player (re)joins the game, this object will appear undamaged for them creating a desynchronization. On the other hand objects destroyed by normal means (blown up with explosives\ran over by vehicle) appear to be properly destroyed for JIP players, problem only occurs when objects get destroyed by setDamage command (no matter if it was run by server or clients). {F17625}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch attached mission with two players
  2. Land_Cargo_House_V1_F and Land_Cargo_House_V2_F buildings (small green houses) should be destroyed for client and the host (setdamage.sqf script runs by host few seconds after mission start)
  3. Client should go back to lobby and join again
  4. Buildings will appear undamaged for client while they are destroyed for server

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SaMatra has by far the best Wasteland mission file, lets get this done!

Fixed as per ticket author.