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Make Editor more User friendly
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I was watching tutorials today about how to edit maps and make missions, and the amount of text editing, and extra file making, and clicking - reclicking - for every person on the game, etc, is ridiculous.

Why isnt there a button that does the scripting for things like respawn points and such? Why isnt there a "modify all" option? What about a decent tutorial?

Thanks, and i hope the editor gets better!


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Please try to include better menu points to crate a intro / Win Lose Video.
So i mean Video Effekts

Creating objectives isn't very easy. Individual editing of units is a nightmare. Ability to click on the code prompts for the init boxes. Ability to give a unit the same commands that you can give a unit if you were their leader (move, crouch, get cover, watch direction, scan horizon, get in as driver/gunner, plant explosive , heal soldier ect ect). Ability to give units/squads tactics (flank, suppress, use grenades, retreat, ect ect). Ability to land helicopters. Easier way to deal with loadouts for units. (not have to remove all gear and then build it back up).

To name a few... it would be nice : )

They need to add 50+ more modules in the editor. They should have redone the whole editor. You can't even customize gear on the go in the editor still. With all the new attachments and clothing it is a pain in the butt to customize everything manually constantly, it already was, but now even more.

And to be really really honest (don't shoot me), ArmA3 is a little bit like CoD_MW2, MW3, MW4, etc. Same game as ArmA2, but now with a bit better graphics, physics and new maps. On the back end there are no fundamental improvements, even the AI still get bugged out on missions like in ArmA2. So yes, I would have expected a better editor, a 3D editor and most basic scripting features already implemented in modules and easy selectable dropdown menu's.

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I am sure the final release will have much more stuff like modules in the editor, but anyway I think it's very good the way it is, you just have to get used to it. 3D editor already exist and it's a little better than in A2.

B00tsy: Do you think they started Arma 3 from scratch? They have been working on the same engine for like 10 years, arma 3 is the evolution of arma 2, it's not something completely new, and from my point of view i do think it's really different than arma 2 in lot of ways.

Respawn options in the editor has been requested here: #4675

If you have any other specific requests, please make separate tickets.