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Scoped optics doesn't reset to front while you are resting your weapon and in a crouched position
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If a player is using a scoped weapon, is in a crouched position and toggles "raise weapon" he is expected to raise his weapon when he uses his scope.
Instead of raising his weapon, the player model lowers its head to the scope and scopes down instead of in front.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Equip a weapon with a scope.
-Go into crouch position.
-Toggle raise weapon (2xLeft Control) so the weapon rests on your chest.
-Toggle scope optics (Secondary mouse button or Num0).
-You are now sniping the ground.

Expected behavior would be to raise your weapon from the resting place and snipe in front of the player, which happens while you are in the standing position.

Additional Information

Not all scoped weapons have been tested but it happens in both blufor & opfor.

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I flagged this as well. Really messed with my head the first time it happen in a medium range firefight. Lol upvote

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This issue is listed in the known issues:

Lol ceeb you've had to write that for quite a few posts now

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Issue is resolved. Please close.

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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