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Game randomly crashes, sometimes right when clicking to start up, sometimes more than an hour into the game...
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I get the Arma 3 has stopped working error at totally random times. When in a game, when in the lobby, the splash screen, and almost every time I try and load in with "Play with SIX" it goes right to the "ArmA 3 has stopped working..." error. I have tried both the Beta and the normal drivers for my video card, I have tried all kinds of setting changes and different multi player servers, although I have never crashed from a solo game, I have crashed trying to get to the solo game...
I was told that crashing inside the game was due to high number of people on the server but I've tried servers with 20 or less even 10 and although it seemed like it took longer to do it, it eventually did crash.
My system is very stable and Ihave not had even one other game crash on me yet since I built this machine a month ago, here are my specs:

Windows 8 Pro X64
AMD FX-8350 4GHz 8 core
32GB G.SKILL Sniper Series DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900)
XFX R7870 2GB 1GHz core GHz edition Black edition PCI-e 3 x16
Asus Sabertooth FX motherboard Revision 2
OCZ Agility 128GB SSD for C: and Samsung HD400LJ for games

{F17603} {F17604}


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Although I can not make the random crashes come at will, I can make them come at the start, just by using "Play with SIX" Game launcher. About 1 out of 6 or 7 tried works... Also running right from the Steam library crashes a lot more then just clicking on the icon on the desktop (although that crashes too)
I do get freeze ups in game as well that lead to crashing sometimes but if I wait long enough the game usually comes back or kicked out to the lobby...

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I have included what I was told was the crash file for ArmA 3... I will be fraps my playing a lot more and see if I can get a few of the crashes on video foryou guys.....

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Please provide files according to HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner.
Thank you

I uploaded my DxDiag and here is link for file rar... now I cant load the game but one out of ten times after the new update do I need to make another ticket? I think so since its a bit different now while it takes a bunch of times to load the game after it does load I go into multi player to play and pick my side (wasteland) it does to the map screen where it shows loading the map/mission and sticks for about 10 seconds and crashes to the desktop... the game is now unplayable for me :(

Are you running Stable or Dev version of Arma 3 at the moment?
Have you tried to reproduce crashes without the Play withSIX game launcher?
Also are you able to reproduce the crash without the launcher on official Arma 3 MP missions?

Im running the "Stable" version, (that's the one where you just let steam update it without having betas checked right?) Before the last update the crashes would be totally random now they are almost certain to crash right when double clicking on the desktop icon and it shows the loading thing (Id call it a splash screen but its small and only takes up a few inches) right when that gets to the end of its loading the screen flickers and the "Arma3 stopped working" box comes up saying its looking into the issue on the crash but finds nothing.... (So I guess windows has a report somewhere on my system about it. That's is my main problem now after the update that was just pushed... the crashing of certain servers are ALWAYS happening, there are servers that just wont load at all and there are plenty of people on them so I doubt its the server... the single player mission has yet to crash for me, but I have played it a lot less then multi player.... After taking with a few people I am not the only one with these issues...

Have you tried to reproduce crashes without the Play withSIX game launcher?
Also are you able to reproduce the crash without the launcher on official Arma 3 MP missions?

Also there was no update to the Stable version. Can you please check if you did not opt in to the DEV version?

well you have my RPT report so you could tell right? I had it on the alpha version for a while but then went back the the "stable" version but the "stable" version is the one that crashes more.... I never saw an update for the dev version but then I bunch of servers were blocked out on me so I went and clicked the opt out of beta box on steam it said it was "UPDATING" the game and then I was getting the crashes MORE but I tell you that I have been getting crashes since the start, box checked or not just more with the "stable" version then the Dev

If you opt out from DEV version, you also need to verify game cache sou you can "update" back to the stable properly.
Your rpt file is 5 days old so im not able to check if you were running stable or dev if the crashes occured after you uploaded the files.

Have you tried to reproduce crashes without the Play withSIX game launcher?
Are you able to reproduce the crash without the launcher on official Arma 3 MP missions?

I don't use Play with SIX at all since it does not work

yes they crashes happen on official mp missions too...

Ill uninstall and re-install to make sure none of the Dev version is left... unless there is another way?

Right click on Arma 3 Alpha in Steam library -> Local Files/Verify integrity of game cache

says "all files successfully validated"

its weird i haven't had a crash yet this morning but yesterday i couldn't start the darn game...

Maybe there is another game or program that crashes it?

Currently known programs which may cause issues : xfire , Zone Allarm, Fraps applet for g510 keyboard, Mumble and Gamebooster/xtremetuner.

Are you running any of those programs?

only regular Fraps but its running all the time and is running this morning... it could just have been a coincidence that it is running well this morning... I will look at programs running now and when it crashes.... let me try and start the game like 10 times and see if I cant get it to crash today...

and first try it crashed LOL so it was just a coincidence... where can I find the windows crash log they have for it? I know windows stores one for crashes cuz sometimes when it says its looking for the problem it comes back with something to fix it...

If you get any more crashes, please provide files again from the appdata folder. Thanks ;)

ok ill give you the ones from today

these crash files are from today, with the start up crash

Should be fixed in latest stable and dev.

Mass close.