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Helicopters shot off Main and Tail rotors with small arms (Assault rifle/pistol)
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I was able to completely shot of the Mail and Tail rotor Assembly (Blades and rotor head) with assault rifle and pistol. This should happen with small caliber round. Take damage and go red, but not blow it off completely.


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Correct me if i am wrong but doesn't the MH-9 and AH-9 only have this problem (Removing the rotors completely)

but either way you have point, no small caliber weapon should be able to completely remove a main or anti-torque rotor.

You are correct Scorpion, its just the A/MH-9 acft so far.

I believe you can actually do it to most choppers, Sadly i trolled my friend with this for a while, however, if you have ever been close to or inspected tail rotors theyre verry weak and 6.what ever could deffintaly destabilise and cause a tail rotor to break.

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Duplicate of #1803.