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Firegeo issues on H-Barrier fortfications
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You aim along the edge (top or side) of the HESCO-type wall and see your aimpoint and the 3D representation of the weapon clear of the object, but when you fire, the shot is stuck in thin air above or next to the H-Barrier.

Currently it's only possible in the high-stand stance to shoot over it, even though lower stances should work too.


Firegeo should be corrected, so that really only the solid walls of a H-Barrier obstruct bullets, not some invisible part around it.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Place H-Barrier (not small, not big, not cube, plain H-Barrier) in editor
  • Aim above the barrier in normal stand

Repro Video:

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It seems the collision mesh/box for the barrier is larger than it should be. I have noticed this too. It would need to be fixed by changing the collision mesh. (Well assuming there is one of course) will upvote.

Fixed in DEV revision 0.55.103923