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Clothing system in MP
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Fatigues/Coveralls/Wetsuits/Commoner Clothes, Vest Slot items and Backpack slot items cannot be picked from supply crates by players who are not host, they are simply just dropped on the ground when attempting to drag into the appropriate slot.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join a MP game if your not the host of the server
  2. Go to supply crate
  3. Drag clothing item of choice out of supply crate into appropriate slot
  4. Glitch occurs
Additional Information

Its not a host parameter because I host MP games with friends and it still occurs, the only way to change these types of clothing items is too loot them off either dead BLUFOR, OPFOR or civilians. This glitch also creates big mess piles around supply crates in MP games because people constantly try to put the clothing item on.

This would also categorise under Inventory issue, but I put categorised it into MP because it does not occur in SP.

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Duplicate of #0001478.