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Ladders to exit the water, Difficult to use in 3rd person.
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The 'hit box' for the ladders that are partially submerged are so small while in 3rd person, trying to get the option to show up, it keeps disappearing when you move your mouse wheel to click on it. You have to be aiming directly at one of the rails or steps to get the option to even show up. Make the area of the ladder, the entire ladder so its easier and more fluid to access the option while in 3rd person. Also switch the animation to sling the weapon across the front like in ARMA 2, rather then putting the weapon on your back just to climb up the ladder, it takes way to long and is an ineffective means of climbing up a short ladder in a combat scenario.


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swim in water in 3rd person, try to target and use ladders to climb onto dock area.

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Possible duplicate of #3812