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Looting dead soldiers, getting stuff from their gear.
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When you go to loot a dead soldier, lets say you take his gun, now you have a gun with no ammo, so where is his ammo? In his lbv.. okay what if I got stuff in my lbv I dont want to get rid of? I have to strip him half naked, put on his gear take the ammo out of his gear and then swap back into my gear and move the ammo. Totally ineffective. Have it so if you double click on a container item /fatigues,vest,pack/ that is in a body have it open in a tab so you can pull stuff out of the enemy's gear without actually stripping them naked on the field.
I should be able to go up to the body, scroll-click gear, left click on their vest carrier then right click their ammo and stick it in my vest without feeling like a necrophiliac by stripping their clothes off.


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Try to get ammo out of a dead soldiers vest or uniform without changing clothes.

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If you hit the inventory button while looking at a dead combatant you can in fact double click on the clothing items to view the items contained within (It will take you to a new tab). If you want to look at the grand scheme again use the 'ground' tab on the upper left hand side. This can be done without any clothing removal.

Double clicking to open enemy "containers" is already implemented.